Sunday, October 1, 2023
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The Physical Education and Sports Sciences Alumni Association serves as a focal point for maintaining in contact with the institution’s alumni and involve them in its growth and development.Over the course of its ten year history, SPESS has benefited from a family of graduates and friendswho live all over the world and have achieved extraordinary success in their careers and in life.Along with helping the department’s numerous projectsfinancially and logistically, the group also supports the establishment of scholarships and the planning and delivery of lectures.Alumni participate in the department’s many festivals.Alumni association has been working  since 2014, strictly adhering the sportsmen sprit,to motivate and transfer the spirit of glorious achievements of the past to the present.

Alumni Association Office Bearers

President Azar P S
Secretary Vishnu Lekshman
Treasurer Gautham Muraleedharan
Executive Members
  1. Elizabath Mathew
  2. Sherin sajan
  3. Tibin  T T
  4. Alisa James
  5. Akshay Murali
  6. Devajith S



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