Wednesday, January 17, 2024
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Welcome to the School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (SPESS) at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, where academic excellence meets sporting prowess. Established in 1983, the School has become synonymous with sporting achievements at both National and International levels. SPESS is not only a hub for academic and research programs in Physical Education but also a crucible for nurturing elite athletes. We proudly carry the dual responsibility of producing high-caliber Physical Education professionals and shaping world-class athletes.

Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in our rigorous academic curricula and cutting-edge research initiatives. We prepare the next generation of Physical Education professionals who play a crucial role in promoting Physical Fitness and Sports in our society. Simultaneously, we take pride in shaping Elite Athletes who compete on national and international platforms, bringing glory to the University and to the Nation.

A Legacy of Sporting Excellence

Since its inception, Mahatma Gandhi University has been hailed as a “Sports University” for its remarkable achievements in sports and games. Our university boasts a long list of sports personalities of National and International repute, including names like Sebastian Xavier, Sumi Cyriac, Sony Cyriac (Swimming), Shyni Wilson, Chithra K. Soman, Preeja Sreedharan, Greeshma K.M, O.P Jaisha, K.J Manoj Lal, Bijimol K.S, Sini Jose, Anilda Thomas, Anu R, Jinson Jhonson, K.T Irfan, Jabir Madari Pilliyalil (Athletics), K.T Chacko, Mohammed Al Akber (Football), Minimol Abraham, Jisha Thomas, Jasmin George, Daisy Thomas (Volleyball), Roopesh Kumar, Shankar P Gopan, Alwin Antony (Badminton), and many more.

Fostering Excellence in Sports

Our commitment to sporting excellence has led us to recognize the need for world-class sports infrastructure. SPESS is dedicated to evolving into a “center of excellence” by offering systematic and scientific training programs to our talented students across colleges and University departments. This commitment allows us to consistently unlock the full potential of our athletes, leading to exceptional performances on the global stage. Notably, five of our athletes, Smt. Anilda Thomas, Smt. O. Jaisha, Sri Jinson Jhonson and Gopi T, in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Sri. Jabir Madari Pilliyalil in 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Investing in Sports Infrastructure

To further our mission of nurturing sporting talent and academic excellence, SPESS is seeking support for the construction of a state-of-the-art 50-meter Swimming pool, Indoor stadium, 400Mtrs Synthetic Track, Elite Sports Hostel and a Sports Academia Complex with the support of KIFB an initiative of Government of Kerala. This initiative is aimed at providing our athletes with the best possible training facilities, ensuring they can reach their highest potential.

A Culture of Sporting Achievements

Mahatma Gandhi University has consistently held a prestigious position in the world of sports and games, with students and athletes breaking records at both the National and International levels. The School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences plays a pivotal role in promoting Physical Education through advanced courses in Physical Education and Research Programs. Leveraging the infrastructure of affiliated institutions, we support the growth of budding talents and encourage the concept of optimal utilization.

Promoting Sports and Games

Our commitment to sports and games extends to our affiliated colleges, which boast world-class infrastructure in select physical education branches. Physical education teachers in these colleges actively contribute to our laurels, and we take pride in producing world-class sports personalities like Shiny Wilson, Manoj Lal, Eldo M.A, K.R Roshan, Primesh, Greeshma, Preeja Sreedharan, Chitra K. Soman, K.T Chacko, Feroz Sherif, V Jayakumar, Anson K A, Muhammed Al Akbar, Rajesh V, Subitha Poovatta, Jisha Thomas, Madhu S.A, Sumi Cyriac, and Sebastian Xavier.

A Tradition of Championship

Mahatma Gandhi University is renowned for its Physical Education programs and sports achievements. We achieved the unique distinction of winning the All India Inter University Athletic Women Championship in our very first year of inception. Over the years, we have continued to excel, with our Women’s Volleyball team securing consecutive victories in All India Championships. Additionally, we have organized 35 Inter University tournaments in various games and more than 30 Zonal Inter University Tournaments under the auspices of the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.

Supporting Our Sports Stars

In recognition of the dedication and achievements of our sports persons, Mahatma Gandhi University offers a range of incentives, including reserved Sports Quota seats in all courses, Sports Merit Award, Sports Scholarships and grace marks of up to 25% for eligible outstanding sports persons. At SPESS, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of Physical Education and Sports excellence.

We invite you to be a part of our journey and witness the remarkable achievements of our students, both in the academic and sporting arenas. Join us in celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship, determination, and success that defines the School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


To create ideal academic environment in sports and games and related streams of studies, enabling talents to keep abreast with international standards in academics, sports and games and to promote a strikingly fresh societal culture conducive for healthy society.


Our mission is to expand the student’s learning experience by involving them in the development of sports by creating a dynamic environment and to instill passion among the students in sports and games through networking of expertise and resources.